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Frequently Asked Questions

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What's included in the box?

Each box contains a wooden dragon or unicorn with tissue paper and glue for the construction. You will also find a photograph of the dragon or unicorn you have selected, to use a template to follow during the construction alongside a set of child-friendly instructions.

There are four double-sided scenario cards providing different examples of how you can use this tool with your child. 

How  was it developed?

Magical Minds offers a communication tool for adults with children. Extensive research has gone into developing this communication tool. The developmental research was undertaken by a Clinical Psychologist with over twenty years' experience, a Primary School Teacher with over ten years' experience, and an international toy marketeer. 

How  do I use it?

Your journey begins with the construction of your chosen dragon or unicorn between the adult and child. Taking time to construct the dragon or unicorn begins the communication process in a safe, non-threatening environment. Once constructed, the dragon or unicorn "comes to life", enabling the adult to answer child questions via a friendly medium. It is important to always remember that the dragon or unicorn is 'all-wise and caring'.. 

The scenario cards in the box will help you to begin this journey. 

Blog-posts on the site will also be regularly updated with further insights and explanations.

How long does it last?

The dragon or unicorn is designed to be used as a communication tool and not a toy. Therefore, when not in use, it should be kept in a safe place (ideally chosen by the child) which ensures longevity of your dragon or unicorn. 

What  do I do if it arrives damaged?

If the product arrives damaged or there are any missing pieces, email and a member of our team will respond. 

How long will my order take to arrive?

We aim to ship orders by Royal Mail within 2-3 days of purchase. 

Please be advised that due to Covid, delays may occur. 

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