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What is
Magical Minds?

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Communicating with children can be hard, and often frustrating...

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Are they ok?

Is your child worrying?​

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Have you read all of the books and visited all the websites?

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Still unsure about how to help?

...Magical Minds is here to help!

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Magical Minds can help you and your child learn to communicate better and develop emotional literacy skills for life!

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Who We Are

Catherine, Emma and Hannah: a unique trio combining a Clinical Psychologist, Teacher and a toy Marketeer, established Magical Minds after working with children of all different ages. Whilst doing this, they discovered one common problem - a lack of understanding of how to activate positive self-thought as part of a healthy wellbeing. 

So, they set about creating the product that they knew was missing and thus, Magical Minds was formed! 

All of our products are...

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