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Why it Works

Magical Minds provides you with the opportunity to better help your child understand their emotions and take ownership of their emotional responses in different situations.

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This therapeutic tool aids communication between you and your child, allowing them the safe space to share in a 'non-threatening' manner.

The simple expression of creativity through the design of your child's Dragon or Unicorn plays a huge role in all developmental areas of children's well-being and can begin to unlock their imagination.

The Magical Minds tool is simple to create and can be easily accessed by children of any age and ability. Our creative approach to encourage  speaking and listening makes this tool the most inclusive therapeutic tool on the market.

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Follow our guides and exemplars for ideas on how to get started... 

Magical Minds

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...Although, from experience, we know that it won't take long before your child is using positive emotional language themselves!


How it Works

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Put your friend somewhere safe

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Wait for your dragon or unicorn to arrive

Build your dragon or unicorn with a supervising adult

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Talk to your dragon or unicorn with an adult

Remember! Magical dragons and unicorns can only ever say nice things!
That's what makes them so special to be around!

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